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    top-5-best-small-dog breeds-to-consider

    Top 5 Best Small Dog Breeds To Consider

    top-5-best-small-dog breeds-to-consider

    If there are any common traits among small dog breeds, it could be their sizes! While some breeds are typically bold and gregarious, others are more independent and laid back. There are several types of coats, such as short, straight hair, long, flowing locks, or even curls that are tightly wound.

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    Your preferences for activity level, grooming commitment, and personality will determine which small dog is best for you. Ten of the best small dog breeds are listed below. This article will examine several of the tiniest dog breeds found worldwide, discussing their fundamental traits, typical statures, and additional details about the breeds. 



    It’s widely believed that the Chihuahua is the world’s tiniest dog breed. Miracle Milly was Miracle, a Chihuahua, the tiniest dog in history. Her height was 3.8 inches and her weight was about one pound. One of the most well-liked small and best dog breeds is the Chihuahua. The breed is devoted to its owner and does well in apartments. The Chihuahua breed makes wonderful family pets because of their loving dispositions and lively personalities. Even though they have a propensity to be possessive, training can fix any behavioral issues.



    Pugs have assumed the role of companion dogs for more than two millennia, having first been bred by the Shang Dynasty in 300 BC as lap dogs. However, they weren’t always this small, just like Pomeranians. The breeder purposefully bred Pugs to be smaller after bringing them from China to the Netherlands. Queen Victoria helped make the pug popular in the 19th century. She bred multiple Pugs for herself.



    Were you aware that Pomeranians weren’t always so small? Ten times heavier than the breed’s average weight today, the earlier records of the breed indicate an average weight of 30 lbs! Pomeranians were once a medium-sized breed, but years of breeding have reduced them to small companion dogs. Many characteristics of a companion dog are present in poms. They are loving, want to be the center of attention, and form close relationships with their humans.

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    Yorkshire Terrier


    Among the tiniest terrier-type dogs, the Yorkshire Terrier is a hypoallergenic breed. A maximum weight of 7 lbs is the breed standard. Yorkies are a tiny breed, but they still have a lot in common with Terriers. It is in their nature to be bold, assertive, and domineering.

    There is also the Yorkshire Terrier specifically bred to be small, known as the Teacup Yorkie. At five to seven inches tall, teacup yorkies weigh only two to four pounds. It’s easy to identify a Teacup Yorkie because of their smaller stature in relation to other Yorkies, but they can also lift up to seven pounds.



    Though this small breed of dog has a long history, little is known about its beginnings. The Maltese Dog was mentioned in the writings of the ancient Greeks and Romans. The Mediterranean island of Malta is thought to be the source of the breed’s name, but there is little to no evidence to support this theory, leaving its origins unknown. 


    Choosing the ideal breed can be difficult if you have children and adore the smallest dog breeds. Because they are delicate or apprehensive around boisterous young ones, many smaller dogs are not advised for households with small children. All ages of children have been known to get along well with certain small dogs, though. Though everyone has a favorite breed of dog, adopting a small dog has many advantages. Seniors find them to be the perfect companions due to their smaller stature. There is a great deal of variation in coat type and color among these breeds, ranging from hairless breeds to tiny white dogs, and some are even hypoallergenic.