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    How to Prepare Your Home for a New Pet


    Furry talez is always here to help you in various matters related to pet care, pet adoption and much more. We all tend to have some or the other questions with us regarding pet care or how can we prepare our home for a new pet.

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    In this blog we are gonna share with you some of the best ways in which you can prepare your residence for the new pet to come. So basically this is gonna be an interesting informative piece of content here. Let us quickly delve into the details. 

    How to get your house ready for the new companion ? 

    how-to-get-your-house- ready-for-the-new-pet

    You are just wondering if your new furry pet member renders you the tingles. A bit of a four-legged cute thing to play with and to put all your care and love. However exciting it may seem, it may even be a difficult task to get all set for this part of happiness. You will require to be known of some transformations that will be needed around your dream house for it to be fully pet-ready. But you need not worry, I am about to share with you an important part of it in this short content. 

    Health and hygiene


    Health and hygiene is one of the most crucial things to bear in mind when dealing with a pet. You should make sure that you compat up with the quick physical changes in your pet as they grow really swift during the prior six months. This indicates that they even tend to chew on everything during their teething time, that is the reason why keeping enduring treats that are great for their dental hygiene and aid with weight control is very pivotal. 

    Veterinarian arrangement 


    A dog’s veterinarian is going to play a role of your ally in supporting your pet to maintain their health well. Certainly, it will be required to take good care in selecting the perfect vet for all your pet’s medical requirements. Before getting your pet home, you should make sure to go by the vet’s where the pet could be perfectly checked out and be offered a clear bill of health. Your loved pet will be required to get a vaccination schedule till the time they turn at least 12 weeks old. You must make sure to consult your vet about the perfect vaccines as they may differ from type to type before which you will even need to have some stock of any vaccines offered before you are ready to meet your new fur pet. You should even consider the proximity to the veterinary clinic as it can be helpful in case of any emergency. 

    Family concern 


    If your family members haven’t already known, let them know that a  cute new member will be coming over there to accompany them! If it’s their very first time that a pet is coming home, the family members must be informed on how to deal with them and their daily schedules. Your pet care and pet adoption will get convenient when you do so. Furry talez will certainly help you out in all aspects. 

    Pet proofing as a must 


    Pets are only like toddlers, they are eager about each and everything around them and they everytime get up to anything naughty without also referring to. It’s actually a good option to pet-proof the entire house before you invite your new guest home. You can try putting up some baby gates, make sure that there is nothing hazardous lying around that your pet might put in their mouth, escape-proofing the backyard or garden and many other things. 

    Prepare for a welcoming environment 


    Though puppies are too curious about their environment they are still a bit apprehensive when they are brought to new and changing environments. You need to keep patience and let them discover their new house on their own and get familiar with their current surroundings. You should make sure that you and your family offer the pet their personal space and keep loud sounds away as that could startle or scare them. This may make the puppy distracted and they may not get well acquainted with your home.

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    Keep papers handy 

    Ensure to make all the significant papers pertaining to your puppy like  the birth certificate, earlier medical history and other documents accessible and safe. All these records are important when you are taking them for checkups up at the vet clinics. 

    Pile up on stocks 


    It is truly crucial to keep all the important supplies handy like dog food, treats, boots, clothes, harness/leash, bowls, toys, food and water etc. Having these supplies handy and prepared supports you to be prepared for whatever circumstances you may confront in the arriving future.

    After getting your house and family members prepared for the new addition, comes the moment you’ve been waiting for: getting your puppy home! There are still a couple of things to do after your puppy gets home and, as a first-time pet parent, it can get a bit overwhelming. So, here are some tips to help you out:

    Potty classes 


    The faster you potty train your pet and make it that they understand about the dos and don’ts near the house, the easier your work gets. The best manner to go concerning this is to get recognised as a trainer or arrange a legally certified trainer. You may also train your pet with the aid of some amazing treats.

    Behavioural training 

    pet-behavioural- training 

    It is significant for pets to receive behavioural training too. This aids a lot because these trainings help them as they are getting grown up. This training may differ according to the sort of behaviour that your pet is showing. It may be anxiety-driven or aggressive. This is the reason why you have to pay heed to your puppy to know their behavioural norms and train them in that manner. 

    Bottom line 

    In this blog we at Furry Talez have tried to share with you some of the best tips to bear in mind before introducing a new pet at your home. You can surely base your experience along with the tips to get to a perfection. And keep following Furry talez for the best pet care and pet adoption tips.