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    how-to-introduce-a- new-pet-to-your-existing-pets

    How to Introduce a New Pet to Your Existing Pets

    how-to-introduce-a- new-pet-to-your-existing-pets

    This blog is gonna be an information piece regarding how to introduce new pets to your existing ones.

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    Pet care and pet adoption is an important part of keeping your pets in a more adaptive environment. Getting suitable pet care is amazing and should be practised well. Let us begin the main blog and educate others too at our Furry talez. 

    Pets and their mentality 


    Here at Furry Talez we will be sharing with you some of the best things about pet life. Pets are quite different from human beings. They find it difficult to compat or adapt with each other. You should understand the fact that you will need to act in a manner which would make them feel at home and simultaneously get acquainted with the newly introduced pet. Pets do not have an immediate tendency to mix with any other partner in crime. Furry Talez is gonna explain you about the best things regarding pet care and pet adoption. 

    Some effective tips to introduce a new pet to the existing ones


    You should get yourself into selecting a new pet who can be mixed with your current pet. As per our experience, a fight is least frequent to occur between a male pet and a female pet. A male pet with another male one is the best possible blend but female to  female combination is seen to have been a bad option. When you select a new dog, regard your current dog’s requirements. For instance, try not to bring a largely active young dog into your home with an elderly one who prevails with health issues like osteoarthritis. If you receive a puppy or young pet, be ready to secure the older pet from her. You will need to invest plenty of time with the introduced pet and create disturbances to keep the pet far from the senior pet. Pet care must be done in such a way. 


    You should strive to introduce the new pet at a time as you would have at a minimum of a weekend to be at your home. You will need to surprise and observe minutely at first. It is always recommended not to keep two currently brought in pets alone before they get adapted and the newly introduced pet is at least a bit comfortable at home. 

    introduce-the-pets-in-a- neutral-zone

    You should introduce the pets in a neutral zone instead of your own yard or home. Furry talez will make you known to  some of the best tips ahead.

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    Both the pets must be on ease for management, but try to permit them a bit more room to maneuver. They might be quieter if they don’t get fully restrained. You will require one adult per dog.


    Get the person to walk the new pet coming in from the side and come closer to you and your dog as you stroll. Select an area where you can stroll together with a bit of distance between the pets. As they are in their walk they can gaze at and sniff each other. But you can find that there would be other parts attracting their attention as well. You should certainly try to do this in a place without many other dogs and people so that neither pet is stimulated greatly. The walk must end at your residence. 


    When you enter the house for the first time, you should not let the pets tackle each other in an entrance. You should try to bring both into the home swiftly so that one pet does not react to the other pet’s entrance after that. 


    You should even make sure that there is a surrounding of bountiful things. There must be more than one comfortable place for him to lie down and more than one bowl. There must be a lot of toys, particularly of the sorts your pet likes. As this will ensure that there is no chance of any bone of contention between the dogs to have a fight to get its facility. If your pet has a case study of protecting his toys, they must be taken away for the basic introduction time, which can extend upto a few weeks. All this is actually to be organised before you go for the new pet.


    Firstly, feed your pet the way you normally do try to feed the new one in a separate room. Your pet should not have to get scared about feeding frequency and time, creating issues feeding the pets. The new pet is not expecting from your home for now, so he would not be sad by whatever feeding place you select. A great food-inspired dog or cat will eat properly from the beginning, but some pets might require a person with them for the first couple of days or more. 


    You should wait till you are fully confident that the pets are perfectly comfortable with each other before giving expensive treats like pigs’ ears, rawhide or real bones  and understand when you do. If your pet gets reactive with these, you might have to keep both the pets separate before providing them with these items. If your pet always misses these types of treats as he is violent over them, that must be the rule for the new pet also. 


    Your pet might try to get the new one away from materials that are very significant to him. He might stop the new dog from getting near you, from some places like pet furniture and beds or from other rooms like the family  bedroom or room. If the newly introduced dog gets naive, he may even act in the same manner to try to get your pet far from him in particular locations, or also getting attached with a family member and striving to keep your pet far away. You should not punish or scold the pets if this thing happens. Rather you should rise up and get far if it feels like you will be a bone of contention and disturb any of the pets if he seems to be an invader in a place where the other exists already. 


    You should try to keep both pets away from places where food is getting ready or eaten beforehand. If any of the dogs gets excited about the food, it can result in a fight.

    Bottom line 

    This article is a complete piece of content regarding the introduction of new pets to your existing ones. You can certainly apply some of the best suggestions which we have tried to share with you in this article so that your new pet effectively gets adapted to the existing pet. Keep following Furry Talez for more.